Julie Schroeder's  Recommended Supply List

PAPER:   Arches® 140lb cold press watercolor paper, 22x30in

BRUSHES: 1.5 or 2 in. wash brush, #3 round  brushes, small, medium & large, # 3 oriental brush, #4 script brush , 1” flat , 3/4 in. angle brush


MISC: 2 spray bottles;  1 misting type, 1 Windex or trigger type,  Quiller  travel  palette,  tissue or paper towel, kneaded eraser,  flat boards (16x24in, & if you have a 12x16in.  bring that as well, I use plywood or gatorboard),
 sea sponge,  water container,  small old towel, plastic wrap, salt,  wax paper,  plastic palette knife #4,  drawing  pencil,  sketchbook,  watercolor pencils, cotton gauze or cheese cloth,  cellulose sponge, straight blade knife,  Yes Paste, masking fluid(I use Windsor Newton), 2 rolls  masking tape 3/4 in. & 2in., a few small cheap brushes for applying mask, small hair dryer, oriental fiber papers such as unru or any others you like, favorite photo references of landscapes.

 PAINTS: I recommend Daniel Smith Paints (Colors are numbered in importance)

 Important; If you are starting a new palette, fill your palette at least a week ahead so the paints have time to dry & please check the placement of colors on the example below.



1) Quinacridone Rose    2) Lemon Yellow     3) Cobalt  Blue     4) Quinacridone Burnt Orange    

5) Prussian Blue      6) Ultramarine Blue    7) Quinacridone Coral     8)Quinacridone Gold,  

 9) Aureolin, (cobalt yellow)   10)Quinacridone Magenta,     11) Phthalo Green(blue shade),

 12) Alizarin Crimson     13) Marine Blue      14)  Permanent Orange   15) Organic Vermillion  

16) Iridescent Gold     17) Irridescent Jade    18) Duochrome Aquamarine 


Note: If you have any questions about the supplies don’t hesitate to call me at 651-731-5433

or  Email me at:   brushcolour@uyahoo.com   I can help you set up the palette.

Note: I recommend using quality materials if possible. They not only make painting a lot more fun,

but they give you results that you cannot achieve with lower quality materials & they usually last longer,

so the long term cost just about balances out with the cheaper materials .


My Palette

Quin. Magenta




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