2-Day Watercolor Pouring  Workshop

North St Paul/ Maplewood Gladstone Center

   Thursday Nov 1st-Friday Nov. 2nd, 2018; 9am-3pm
 Experience the exciting techniques of pouring watercolours.

We’ll be using Arches 300 pound paper (22x15 in.)

on a board (24x16in) without stretching. We will complete 2 paintings one 22x15in. and the other 11x14in. I will be demonstrating 2 different scenes, but you may choose any subject or scene you wish for this process.

We will use masking fluid at the various stages of each pour to build up the values in a layering process. In the final stage we will use brushes to complete finishing details.
The techniques of watercolor pouring create a glowing luminous and fluid effect to paintings. 
Come & have fun, pouring & dropping paint while you watch the amazing work of watercolor.



  Call of the Wild; Mixed Media Canvas 
Sunday October 14th; 10am-3pm
Sally Manzara Nature Center; Lake Elmo, MN

This is a really fun & free special project using mixed media, acrylics and acrylic
pens & fabrics.

You will create texture and 3 dimensions by first putting down mediums and then

embedding all kinds of objects. Then we'll do some painting with some intense colors.

This painting will have multiple layers of paint & textures for greater depth and 3-dimension.
This will be done on 12x12in canvas.

A few of the items available will be beads, lace, yarns, ribbons, papers, sand, feathers & glitter.
We'll also use modeling paste and stencils.
All the supplies are included, just come & enjoy the fun!. 

Canvas au Latte--Glowing Globes

​December 14th; 9:30am-12:30pm
Gladstone Center, Maplewood, MN 

Wake up and discover your inner artist! Paint along with the instructor as she guides you step by step from a blank canvas (16x20) to a finished rendition of festive glowing globes! 

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Dynamic Watercolours

Tuesday mornings;  9:30am-12:30pm

 weekly on Tuesdays

Battle Creek Recreation Center,

​St. Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul Public Schools  (651)-744-3072

    Autumn Grape Vines

 Cambridge, Ontario Canada

​Cambridge Center for the Arts

Sept 9, 10  2017

​2 day workshop with Julie Schroeder exploring the subject of grape vines. Using real leaves and other materials we'll be splashing, splattering, and watching the magic dance of watercolor to achieve amazing textures and vibrancies.

Price: $165 

​Contact Tiina Price at tiinaprice@rogers.com

Quiet Reflections in Masa Paper
Thursday & Friday, November 15th & 16th; 10am-3pm
Sally Manzara Nature Center; Lake Elmo, MN

 This is a special project combining Masa Paper and watercolors. This process produces a special batik like effect. We'll be laying on color with brushes in a wet into wet beginning.

Be prepared to uncover the spontaneous nature and amazing qualities of watercolor! All levels are welcome.​

Note; If you have never tried watercolors please contact me at brushcolour@yahoo.com




Watercolour & Mixed Media Plenaire in Croatia

Instructors; Julie Schroeder & Cynthia Clarke

September 18-27th 2019

 Location: Island of Korcula

Come and enjoy painting on location as we

visit amazing sites each day. 

Croatia Plein Air
Painting Trip

Join us for a fabulous trip in beautiful Korcula, Croatia for 10 days ... paint in magnificent scenic locations... professional connoisseur service & support... everything taken care of for you! 

Included are all accommodations, gourmet meals & drinks. Transfers to & from the airport as well as transport to the island of Korcula are also included. We get to visit a different amazing tour site each day, usually in the morning, come back for lunch, then in the afternoon I'll give painting instruction. 

Accommodations are in Cavtat (first & last nights), a lovely village on the Adriatic Sea near Dubrovnik

& in Lumbarda, on the beautiful Island of Korcula.

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Experimenting with Alcohol Inks  

​Sally Manzara Nature Center;

Saturday February 9th, 10am-3pm
This medium is very special.

It's not like any other art form. 

It’s so exciting to watch the inks

move & flow & it happens right in your hands! 

Anyone can do it…no need to have experience.  
 Each painting is totally unique, bright & powerful. Alcohol inks have such a color intensity & personality unmatched by other mediums. We'll be using the inks on Yupo paper as well as on tiles for amazing effects! 

BONUS: We'll be experimenting with 2 different brands of inks & comparing the differences.
 Come & have fun with colors & free flow painting. You'll take home many
little gems of paintings as well as some on tiles!

​Contact me to register; brushcolour@yahoo.com

or registerhere online;Full Day Inks

Autumn Grape Vines

Mixed Media Day; Birch Trees and Textures
(2 canvases)
Saturday, January 19th; noon-5:00pm
Sally Manzara Nature Center; Lake Elmo, MN

 This is a unique project using mixed media, acrylics, photographs, papers, beads, paste, glitter and a variety of fabrics. We'll be creating texture by first putting down papers, painting & then embedding materials & painting some more!  
You will be doing 2 paintings (9x12 each). You may create 2 matching paintings or 2 uniquely different ones. I will demonstrate 2 different techniques.
These paintings will have multiple layers of paint and textures for greater depth and 3-dimension.
 Just come & enjoy the fun! All supplies included. 

For more information contact me at brushcolour@yahoo.com 

or register at Birch Trees & Textures

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Croatia Painting Holiday



Mixed Media Christmas 
Sunday December 2nd; 2pm-4:30pm
Sally Manzara Nature Center; Lake Elmo, MN

 This is a really fun & free special project using mixed media, acrylics, photographs, various papers, beads, glitter and a variety of fabrics including lace & ribbon. We'll be creating texture and 3 dimensions by first putting down papers and then embedding all kinds of objects. We’ll create textures with various tools.